Balcony Plant

Watering System


Balcony Plant
Watering System

The invention is a fully automatic balcony plant watering system that supplies plants with water in a reliable and precisely dosed manner, even over a long period of time.

Short description of the invention

The fully automatic balcony watering system consists of a combination of various individual components:

A water tank is equipped with a pump and the water is pumped from the tank to a water supply module. From there, the water flows automatically to one or more flower boxes.

The individual components of the system are connected with water pipes. This makes it possible to balance the water level between the individual flower boxes and the water supply module.

The plants are thus sufficiently supplied with water.

Advantages of the invention


Exact Water dosing

Any excess water always returns to the water tank. Excess rainwater, for example, is also stored.

The flower box compound can also be drained specifically if required (dry phases and watering phases can thus be precisely controlled).

Easy Application

It is an open system that is not under pressure, so that a water pipe, for example, does not have to be designed to be pressure-resistant.

Power & Control system

The pumps can be supplied via a solar module with battery or via 230V sockets.

The water supply to the plant boxes can be controlled automatically or manually, e.g. via WLAN.

Space Saving Water Reservoirs

The narrow water tanks can be installed inside and outside the balcony parapet.

This means they only take up little space on the balcony. On balconies with a fence, the system also provides sight protection.

Thanks to the modular design principle of the water tanks, the water reservoir can be adapted exactly to the needs.

Area of Scope / Target Group

Wide Scope

An irrigation system that supplies plants with water fully automatically over a long period of time can be useful in any household.

No matter whether balcony or indoor plants, whether on holiday or for the permanent automated water supply of home plants - the invention makes the plants of hobby gardeners blossom.

3D Visualisation


Property Right


Type of protection:GER patent registration

Title: „Irrigation system for planter box“

Registration number: 10 2020 133 862.7

Date of registration: 16.12.2020

Main claim:Irrigation system (1) for a planter box (2), with a water tank (3) and a water supply module (4) for the water tank (3) and with a pump (5) for conveying water from the water tank (3) to the water supply module (4), the water flowing automatically from the water supply module (4) into the planter box (2).

List of reference signs:1 Irrigation system, 2 Planter box, 3 Water tank, 4 Water supply module, 5 Pump, 6 Connector, 7 Plug, 8 Inlet, 9 Intermediate floor, 10 Earth column, 11 Water reservoir, 12 Soil, 13 Overflow, 14 Return, 15 Remote control, 16 Outlet, 17 Balcony wall, 18 Spigot, 19 Slide rail, 20 Clamping screw, 21 Safety hook;

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